Camo car dashboard hat holder with flat billed baseball cap. Protect your cap!


We just got tired of throwing our hats on the dash, floor, or seats. We couldn't find a good alternative, so we made one. No more sun damage, crushed crowns, or dirty lids. We just wanted a better way to store our hats.

Protect your cap from...

1. Deformation

Don't let your hat get deformed in your backseats, on your floor, or sitting on the passenger seat under a bunch of junk. The inevitable clutter of your car could bury your favorite lid and crush the crown or bend your bill. 

2. Sun Damage

Avoid sun damage. No more throwing your hat on your dashboard, leading to faded colors and compromised construction due to raised temperatures in direct sunlight. 

3. Searching for Your Hat

Always have your hat right where you need it. No more wasting time trying to find your hat on your way out the door.